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Shipping Policy

At Club wagyu, selling and shipping high-quality meat and seafood is what we do every day. Shipments are processed Monday through Friday for Tuesday through Saturday delivery, according to the shipping method selected at checkout. Club Wagyu does not ship on Saturday or Sunday and cannot deliver on Sunday.

In what condition are your products shipped?

  • We specially hand pack each individual order to ensure that your products are received in optimal condition. Each package is shipped with dry ice and or Frozen Ice Packs in order to maintain the appropriate temperature for your product(s) during shipping. All perishable products ship frozen and will arrive frozen or partially frozen.

Can I refreeze products after they have been delivered?

  • If a cut has not been completely defrosted it can be placed in the freezer without any potential harm to flavor. After a cut has been completely defrosted, we do not recommend re-freezing it. Defrosted products can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 12 days in their original packaging. Do NOT refreeze ground beef.

Our packages have been temperature tested to last up to 40 hours at or below 45° degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I schedule my shipment for a later date?

  • You can schedule your shipment to be delivered on any available day for up to 21 days after the order date.

How are shipping costs calculated?

  • Minimum order is $199.00 and are shipped free standard ground (one to two day generally)
  • Overnight shipping is available for Monday thru Friday delivery at an additional cost of $49.00
  • $49.99 Overnight Shipping


Monday 6:00PM EST Wednesday Thursday or Friday
Tuesday 6:00PM EST Thursday Friday or Saturday
Wednesday 6:00PM EST Monday Tuesday or Wednesday
Thursday 6:00PM EST Monday Tuesday or Wednesday
Friday None Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday
Saturday None Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday
Sunday None Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday


While we do everything in our power to adhere to the above shipping time frame, please note that holidays, severe weather, and unforeseen circumstances may force exceptions to the delivery schedule and expected delivery date. If you have any questions or concerns about your delivery, please contact us, CustomerCare@clubwagyu.com.

If you will not be home, we suggest shipping to your place of work. If that is not possible, a family friend or neighbor may also work. All our shipments require a signature to release the package. If there is no one to sign, FedEx will hold onto the package until they re-attempt the following business day.

Shipments require a street address for delivery. We cannot ship to any PO boxes.

In the event of severe weather, we will sometimes delay shipment in order to ensure the package will arrive to you in perfect condition. We will contact you if this happens.

Our guarantee extends only to correctly addressed orders. Club Wagyu shipments are perishable, and we cannot guarantee the condition of the package if the delivery service must reroute the cooler. We guarantee delivery only to the provided address confirmed on the order acknowledgement.